Learn to Solder Kit Bundle


Learn to solder the right way with the Learn to Solder bundle. Contains the Wee Blinky kit, Practice Makes Perfect soldering kit and a wood block of 100% post-consumer wood for wood-burning practice to get you comfortable handling the soldering iron.

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What is it?

The Learn-to-Solder Bundle is a hand-picked collection of items that I use in my Learn to Solder classes. It includes the Wee Blinky kit, the Practice Makes Perfect soldering kit and a small piece of 100% post-consumer wood. Starting with classic wood-burning practice, you learn to handle the soldering iron with more confidence as you draw on the wood with your soldering iron. Next, you practice soldering on a real Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by installing and soldering resistors into a piece of proto-board. The final project is to build the easy & fun Wee Blinky two-LED blinker. You also get access to the course description with step-by-step instructions.

Why do it?

Learning to solder is a basic skill that greatly expands your ability to experiment with electronics. Being able to solder well and confidently is the difference between dreaming about a project and actually making it a reality. Add soldering to your skill-set today with the Learn-to-Solder Bundle.


Low-cost kit gives you an easy on-ramp to learning basic soldering technique or refining your existing soldering skills. The bundle was designed for complete beginners. This is the same bundle used in my Learn to Solder classes that I teach in person.

Who’s this kit for?

Electronic experiments get a gentle introduction to the art of soldering. Electronic professionals add another area of expertise to their credentials. Teachers have a carefully planned curriculum that gets students soldering safely and confidently.

What’s in the Kit?

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Yes – downloadable

Assembly required?

Soldering required, Adult supervision required

Extra Parts or Tools required?

Soldering iron, Solder, Side cutters, Eye protection, 9V battery

Warnings & Cautions

Adult supervision required, Contains small parts, 9V battery (not included) required

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