12 LED Circle


The 12LEDcircle is quite simply 12 LEDs arranged in a circle. Several mesmerizing patterns are built in. Schematic and source code available. Video demonstrating different flashing patterns is available on YouTube.

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What is it?

The 12LEDcircle is a DIY electronics kit which contains some LEDs, a microcontroller and other components that blinks in various patterns. The LEDs are arranged in a circle. This kit includes a pre-programmed Atmel/Microchip AVR ATtiny13A microcontroller which is the brain that controls the LED flashing patterns.

Why do it?

This is a great kit for people who are learning to solder, or are building models that need to blink, or designing costumes with LEDs in them. If you are looking to draw visual attention to your next project, costume or model, this is the kit for you! This easy-to-build kit is fun to assemble and is even more fun to use and show off to your friends.

Benefits & Value

After you build the kit, you will have gained experience in soldering common types of components to a printed circuit board (PCB). Along the way, you’ll have learned some best practices & good habits about electronics assembly. You’ll be better at soldering and can impress your friends! This is also a great kit for folks who are looking to start learning computer programming or embedded system development.

Who benefits?

Parents love seeing their kids learn new skills, and this is a great learning kit for learning how to solder. Teachers can use this simple kit to illustrate basic electronics and soldering concepts to students aged 8 years old and up. Kids love learning new skills and things that blink, so this kit is great for practicing fine motor skills with a cool reward at the end.

What’s included in the kit?

The kit contains:

  • Twelve (12) blue 3mm LEDs
  • Battery holder for 3 x AAA cells (batteries not included)
  • Push button for selecting display modes
  • Four (4) resistors
  • 12LEDcircle label
  • 12LEDcircle printed circuit board (PCB) with computer chip inserted

Information & Instructions

Assembly Instructions | Source Code | Schematic


Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .5 in
Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions (PDF): https://www.dalewheat.com/12ledcircle-assembly-instructions-v1-0/

Source Code

Source Code (ZIP): https://www.dalewheat.com/info-content/12LEDcircleCsourcecode.zip


Schematic (PDF): https://www.dalewheat.com/12ledcircle-schematic/

Assembly Required?

Yes – this kit requires soldering

Extra parts or tools needed?

Three (3) AAA batteries (not included), Rosin-core solder, Soldering iron, Wire cutters, Safety goggles

Warnings & Cautions

Contains small parts, Requires soldering, Adult supervision required

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