Scrolling LED Sign kit V1.0


The Scrolling LED Sign V1.0 is a small DIY electronics kit that will reliably connect your Arduino Nano to several (up to seven) addressable RGB LED strips.  You supply the Arduino Nano, the LED strips (NeoPixel or WS2812B compatible), regulated +5VDC power supply and the scrolling text message(s) of your choice.  The Scrolling LED Sign kit brings it all together.

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What is it?

The Scrolling LED Sign kit V1.0 is a DIY kit that you solder together to connect an Arduino Nano to several (up to seven) addressable RGB LED strips, which need to be WS2812B or NeoPixel compatible.  You need a provide the LED strips, an Arduino Nano and a regulated +5VDC power supply to complete the build.  You also need to solder some 3-pin male header pins to your LEDs strips to connect with the sockets provided on the printed circuit board (PCB).  You change you message by uploading a new sketch to the Arduino Nano (via a USB cable, not included) using the Arduino IDE software available from the Arduino website.

Why do it?

Once assembled, the Scrolling LED Sign V1.0 is an eye-catching display proclaiming in bright, bold colors any message you wish to see.  It’s great for drawing attention to your booth, your classroom or wherever you need to broadcast your message.  Provide information in hard-to-ignore style with the Scrolling LED Sign V1.0.

Benefits & Value

The Scrolling LED Sign V1.0 is a great DIY project that you can build that will mesmerize and inform.  Get your message seen with bright, beautiful RGB LEDs!  This project both draw attention and spread your message in beautiful colors.

Who benefits?

Your customers get your latest news jammed straight into their retinas with powerful RGB LEDs.  You get your message seen from across the room.  Electronic hobbyists get to build a fun and useful gizmo that definitely grabs people’s attention.

What’s included in the kit?

  • Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • 2x 15 pin female headers
  • 7x 3 pin right-angle female headers
  • 8x 100uF 10V electrolytic radial capacitors
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack
  • 2x 50K linear potentiometers

Other useful information & Software

Arduino Sketch (.INO) | Assembly Instructions v1.0 (.PDF) | Scrolling LED Sign V1.0 schematic (.PDF)

Additional information

Project File

Arduino Sketch Project File (INO):

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions (PDF):


Schematic (PDF):