Original Infrared Spotlight (PCB only)


Just the printed circuit board (PCB) for the popular Original IR Spotlight.  No LEDs or required current-limiting resistors are included with this product.

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What is it?  The “Original IR Spotlight” is an array of thirty-six (36) infrared (IR) LEDs that can be powered by 12VDC.  It is a two inch (2″) diameter, round printed circuit board (PCB) with a single 1/8″ (0.125″) diameter mounting hole in the center.  It has been replaced with the “IR Spotlight 6×6”, which is similar in size but uses a more aggressive power control circuit to deliver more infrared light.

Why use it?  The “Original IR Spotlight” is useful for infrared lighting applications, such as covert and semi-covert surveillance, night photography and battery-powered applications.  You can also populate the PCB with visible light LEDs for other lighting and display applications.  It draws about 160mA (0.16A) at 12VDC (when assembled with IR LEDs, not included), making it perfect for mobile or battery-powered applications.

Important Note:  This is ONLY the PCB.  This product does not come with any LEDs or the required current-limiting resistors.  Use this LED array PCB as the starting place for your own LED lighting project.


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