Practice Makes Perfect Soldering Kit


The “Practice Makes Perfect” soldering kit gives you the materials you need to perfect your soldering technique before tackling a DIY electronics kit for the first time.

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What is it?

The “Practice Makes Perfect” soldering kit contains an electronic prototype printed circuit board (PCB) and a dozen resistors. This kit is used in my “Learn to Solder” classes to give you some pactice soldering on a real PCB and installing components before tackling a “real” electronics DIY kit. You get to practice your technique making perfect solder joints before attempting an every-connection-counts project.

Why do it?

Starting out on a DIY electronics kit can be intimidating for beginner soldering students. The “Practice Makes Perfect” soldering kit takes the pressure off to make “every connection perfect” the first time. You get to practice and significantly improve your soldering technique before tackling a more complex DIT electronics project.


The low-cost “Practice Makes Perfect” soldering kit gives you the practice you need to confidently begin and successfully complete your first electronics build. Even if you’ve learned to solder in the past, this kit will let you get back up to speed quickly and easily. You can even express your creativity and show off your artistic skills building “electronic sculptures” it you like.

Who’s this kit for?

Electronic experiments get a gentle introduction to the art of soldering. Electronic professionals add another area of expertise to their credentials. Teachers have a carefully planned curriculum that gets students soldering safely and confidently.

What’s in the kit?

  • Printed Circuit Board
  • 12 Resistors

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in
Assembly required?

Soldering required; requires adult supervision

Extra parts or tools required?

Soldering iron, Solder, Side cutters, Eye protection, 9V battery

Warnings & Cautions

Adult supervision required, Contains small parts

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