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Chibi Dale is a serious writer

At the prompting of friend and inspiration Brady Pamplin W5LH, I sat for and passed both the Technician and General Class exams for amateur radio operator at HamCon last month. I now have limited privileges on limited frequencies. This has been something I have wanted to do since I was a Scout (they were called Boy Scouts in my time).

While I was originally issued a ‘systematic’ call sign of KI5FDS (kilo india five foxtrot delta sierra, aka “First Dale in Space”), I applied for and was granted a modification for what is known as a ‘vanity call sign’, which came in today. I can now get ‘Radio Operator’ license plates that say “KI5SME”, as well as participate in important disaster preparedness exercises such as Field Day.

A short dissection: The prefix “KI5” is the currently available code for new licensees in Region 5 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas). The suffix “SME” could stand for “subject matter expert”, but it really stands for “someday, maybe Extra”, referring to the “Amateur Extra” class that is the next higher level after General. The official definitions are available at the FCC web site.

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Why the Yellow Banner? This is Why:

The more observant amongst you may have noted a striking, yellow banner emblazoned across the top of each and every one of the pages of this, your favorite web destination. What could be behind such a serious and dire notification? Rest assured, nothing was amiss. I simply wanted to let you know that I would not be able to ship your orders until Monday, because I had slipped the leash, jumped on a plane and jetted to Seattle to help celebrate my granddaughter Olivia’s third birthday. Now I am returned, everything is as it was, orders are shipping as scheduled and I hope you agree with me that it was totally worth it.

Grandpa Dale helps Olivia celebrate her third birthday
Grandpa Dale helps Olivia celebrate her third birthday. Photo by Elizabeth Wheat.
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New Product: 12 LED circle

12LEDcircle - Click for larger, more detailed image
Today I’m happy to announce a new addition to my blinky LED kit line-up, the aptly-named “12 LED circle”, or 12LEDcircle for short. It’s a small, round PCB with 12 bright blue LEDs around the edge. It comes with a pre-programmed microcontroller that lights up the LEDs in various mesmerizing patterns. You can see a demo of the various blinky modes on my YouTube channel.

The assembly instructions, schematic and source code are all available as well.

Kits are in stock and ready to ship today for $12.95.

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A Tiny Adventure

The store will be closed for a week starting today, 12 July 2016 until 19 July 2016. I will be off on another tiny adventure to a faraway land. You can still email me at but it might take me a while to get back to you. I will most likely not be able to receive phone calls, however.

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Back from Adventures!

OK, I’m back now. Wow, what a trip! I traveled to three continents (counting this one) and got to meet lots of interesting people.

The store is back open again. Shop to your heart’s content!

New products are on their way. Your old favorites are here, as well. Additionally, I’ve upgraded the web site to be encrypted by default, so all transactions (even your browsing) should remain relatively confidential now.

It’s good to be back. The yard is showing some signs of neglect, but hopefully I’ll get that sorted out shortly.

Do drop me a line and let me know how you managed to get along without me for so long!

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I Wrote Another Book

Building Your Own Electronics Lab
Building Your Own Electronics Lab

I wrote another book.  This time it’s about building your own electronics lab, titled Building Your Own Electronics Lab.  It gives the reader a gentle introduction to electricity and electronics and how to safely learn and play with them.  Basic tools and components are discussed and some simple starter projects are presented.  The main idea that I tried to put forward is that the electronics hobby is fun.  It’s also fun to share with others.

Both paperback and e-book versions are available from, or find it at your favorite bookseller using the ISBN 978-1430243861.

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Lux Spectralis 2 Now Available

I’ve updated the popular Lux Spectralis kit.  The circuit still does exactly the same thing (blinks multi-colored LEDs).  I simplified the whole thing and reduced the component count.  This will make it easier to assemble.  You can download your own copy of the assembly instructions.

The new Lux Spectrlais 2 kit uses three separate LEDs for the red, green and blue color channels.  This will make it much easier to modify for custom color combinations.  The new PCB is a little bit smaller than the previous version.  It uses electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) plating on all the electrical contacts, which has its own advantages, electrically, but I did it because it’s more beautiful and contrasts well with the black solder mask.

The kits still comes with a 3xAAA battery holder with a built-in power switch.  The lighting modes are identical to the previous version.  The price remains the same.

Lux Spectralis 2