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Scrolling LED Sign Kits Are Now Available

What is it?

Scrolling LED Sign kit V1.0
Scrolling LED Sign kit V1.0

The Scrolling LED Sign kit is an Arduino-powered scrolling LED sign using NeoPixel LED strips. Big, bright messages can be extended long as you want it. This kit lets you connect your Arduino Nano to the popular NeoPixel/WS2812B LED strips. You will also need an external, regulated +5VDC power supply if you use more than around 300 LEDs in your sign.

Why Do It?

Animated GIF of glowy LED strip
Animated GIF of glowy LED strip

You know you want a bunch of bright, colorful LEDs shouting out your message for all kind, sensitive and literate beings to see. This is a fun and very eye-catching project. Grab all the attention with this gorgeous, colorful sign.


Store-bought LED signs are expensive and hard to program. You can make this sign a big or as small as you like. Go wild with colors and get your message seen by lots of folks, assuming they can 1) see and 2) read.

Dale's Scrolling LED Sign
Dale’s Scrolling LED Sign, shown with additional components not included with the kit

Who Benefits?

Electronic hobbyists love to build attention-getting projects. Venue operators like to be able to disseminate information in an attractive and mesmerising way. Clubs and groups will stand out with their super-bright, super-colorful signs.


The Scrolling LED Sign kit requires the following additional components, not included with the kit:

  • Arduino Nano
  • NeoPixel/WS2812B LED strips with attached header pins
  • USB cable to power and program the Arduino Nano
  • External regulated +5VDC power supply (if you use more than 300 or so LEDs)
  • Something wide and flat to mount the LED strips and driver board

More Details About the Project/Product Transisiton

I’ve written a detailed blog post about how this product came to be. It started out as a project for my friend and inspiration Brady Pamplin, which is why you sometimes see it referred to as “Brady’s Scrolling LED Sign”.