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Lux Spectralis 2 Now Available

I’ve updated the popular Lux Spectralis kit! The new Lux Spectrlais 2 kit uses three separate LEDs for the red, green and blue color channels. The circuit still does exactly the same thing (blinks multi-colored LEDs).  This will make it much easier to modify for custom color combinations.  Check out the Lux Spectralis 2 Kit in the store!

The new PCB is a little bit smaller than the previous version.  It uses electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) plating on all the electrical contacts, which has its own advantages, electrically, but I did it because it’s more beautiful and contrasts well with the black solder mask.

Other improvements:

I simplified the whole thing and reduced the component count.  This will make it easier to assemble.  You can download your own copy of the assembly instructions.

The kits still comes with a 3xAAA battery holder with a built-in power switch.  The lighting modes are identical to the previous version.  The price remains the same.

Lux Spectralis 2

3 thoughts on “Lux Spectralis 2 Now Available

  1. Hey, Dale, I bought your lux spectralis 2 from makershed but I am disappointed to say the green LED will only turn on for short periods of time. Like if the sequence is flashing green or all the LEDs at once usually the green one will not turn on. Just red and blue. I checked all the connections, they are secure and there is an appropriate amount of solder on the connections. There is no shorting. My thought is that the green LED is defective but if anyone knows what might be happening please speak up. Thanks.

    And to all who read this the Wee Blinky and TinyCylon are cool kits for beginners and advanced solderers.
    I personally recommend the blinky bundle.

  2. It’s possible that the green LED is defective – it’s just not very likely. However, stranger things have happened. Please double-check that all the LEDs are installed with the same orientation. There should be a small flat side at the base of the plastic LED body. This flat side denotes the cathode. These should all be aligned in the same direction. You should be able to see these indicators even after the board is assembled.

    In the meantime, I’ll send you a set of spare LEDs. Just send me your mailing address via email (not here :D) to We’ll get you blinking in no time!

  3. Dale – I received 2 of your Lux Spectralis2 kits from MakerShed a few days ago. One works perfectly and looks great with a ping pong ball over the LEDs. The 2nd kit goes dark every 4 or 5 button pushes and the red seldom comes on. Any suggestions? I built my nephews 2 of your Tiny Cylons for Christmas and now their mother wants one. Please let me know if you decide to market your 12 LED Cylon. I have to have a couple.
    Joe Ward
    8218 NW 78th Terrace
    Oklahoma City, OK 73132

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