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I Wrote a Book – Arduino Internals

Over the summer, I wrote a book about Arduino internals, called Arduino Internals. It is being published November 16, 2011 by Apress. It has a lot of detailed information about Arduinos as well as Atmel AVRs. There are several projects in the book that illustrate some of the topics. It’s a paperback book that runs to just over 350 pages. There’s also an “ebook” available in several popular formats.

You can buy your very own copy from our store! It’s also available from Amazon. You can also go to your favorite book seller and buy a copy. Just use the ISBN number 978-1430238829. To buy the ebook, go to the book’s page on the Apress web site,
This was a very exciting project for me. It’s my first book. I hope you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “I Wrote a Book – Arduino Internals

  1. Hello Dale,

    I’m just somewhere in the middle of your book, but it’s hands down the best about Arduino I had in my hands until now.

    Well composed, and answering almost all of the questions I had.

    Many thanks!

    (Btw, I believe I found my first mistake. Where should I report it, so you can tell me why it isn’t one? 🙂

    Kind regards, z.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! They are very much appreciated.

    Mistake? Surely you’re mistaken! 😀 I’d be happy to address any issues or questions you might have. There’s even a section on the publisher’s product page for ‘errata’ that are found after the book has gone to press.

    Please email me directly at dale at dale wheat dot com and let’s get this sorted out!

  3. (I should have added: This is no criticism at all. I currently tell everbody who doesn’t run away fast enough how brilliant your book is. It is exactly what I needed.)

  4. Ah, okay – my mistake. What a book 🙂

  5. This book is fantastic. It digs DEEP. Had no idea there was so much to the Arduino.

  6. Love the Arduino Internals book! It is like a bible to me, and I just wish there were more like it around. I like to know the details of what I am working with, and could never seem to find enough useful information which is accurate, until I found this book of course. Clear, and very enjoyable to read.

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