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New Product Announcement – 12LEDstick kit

12LEDstick assembled

What is it?

The 12LEDstick is a multiplexed (specifically Charlie-plexed) linear array of twelve bright blue LEDs.  It uses four (4) pins to control all twelve LEDs, making it easy to add a lot of LEDs without dedicating a lot of valuable I/O lines.  An Arduino library with example sketches is provided to make it easy to add to your next blinky project.

Why do it?

Adding multiple LEDs to a project makes it more visually interesting, useful and engaging.  Using a clever multiplexing technique called Charlie-plexing allows up to 12 LEDs to be controlled with only four (4) signals.  The LEDs can be mounted directly to the provided PCB for a compact linear array or wired individually to reach wherever you need extra blinky-ness!


Wiring up a lot of LEDs can require a correspondingly large number of connections and extra components.  The 12LEDstick reduces this to four connections and four current-limiting resistors (provided).  The Arduino library and examples sketches will get your project blinking fast and easy.

Who benefits?

Electronic hobbyists can easily add large numbers of LEDs to their projects without needing extra chips, shift-registers, resistors and wiring.  Arduino builders can easily add more blinky bling without using up all the precious I/O lines.  Any microcontroller that can sink or source 10mA per I/O pin can drive the 12LEDstick.

12LEDStick Product Page