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I just created a new category here under “News” for items of a personal nature. Obviously, there’s nothing super-secret or confidential here. It’s just for items that I would like to jot down and perhaps review at some point in the future.


  1. Michael Bacon says:

    When I saw this I thought of you!


    Hope you are doing well!


  2. admin says:


    Wow! I want one! That’s a seriously wicked laser, alright. You know it’s something to be worried about when they give you a pair of laser safety goggles for free and make you sign a release.

    I lack the superlatives to describe how well I am doing these days. I hope things are going well with you as well. Thanks for reading!

  3. Janvi says:

    unfortunately your report about the Cortex M3 Stellaris Board Test from Mouser disappeared.
    When I tried to introduce a STM32 I had to spend weeks to understand and solve most problems described there

    rgds from Germany

  4. Dale Wheat says:

    Google remembers it:


    If you’re working with the STM32, I can recommend the free IDE from Atollic (http://www.atollic.com). It’s Eclipse-based, uses the latest GCC toolchain and is licensed for commercial use, with no restrictions. You will need the ST-LINK JTAG adapter, which was ~$23 when I bought one from Mouser.

    Update: I’ve stolen back from Google what was mine and replaced it here:


  5. Janvi says:

    For the moment, the link reports a 404 – probably the file was only inside your cache while testing.
    Atollic appeared 3 months after my project start. Thats why I struggle with Hitex Tantino cable.
    I also use the Hitex GCC version but the runtime library is not optimized in any points. I already
    wrote own printf what costs me 2 weeks. Without float, this are only a few lines and after using the
    VA_ARG standard C macro I luckily understand what printf code is really doing. ST-link is in the drawer
    but I have the very first versions. They probably need firmware update for use with SWD. If I am not
    too busy, I am going to switch the project to ST-link and GCC from codesourcery. Probably I am going
    to test the LwIP from Adam Dunkels first. Did you already test the GCC debugger?
    The Cortex capability to see ram variables while uC is running is mind blowing.

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