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Lux Spectralis Sold Out

The beautiful copper-on-black Lux Spectralis PCBs are all gone.  Whimper.  This actually caught me by surprise.  Well, time to make some more.

I’ve re-designed the Lux Spectralis to make it simpler to assemble.  I’ve omitted all the extra transistors and replaced the hard-to-find RGB LED with three individual, high-output LEDs.  Now you can mix & match!  How about a “Purple Haze” Lux (red, blue, UV)?  Under-the-Sea Lux (green, cyan, blue)?  Or a toasty Fire Lux (red, orange, yellow)?

I’ve got prototype PCBs coming in the mail and as soon as I’m happy with the new, simplified circuitry I’ll have a big batch of them built.  This will take about a month, so please be patient!

If you’re heart is set on one of the older Lux Spectralis kits, a few are still available at the Maker Shed.  Until the end of February 2011, buy one Lux Spectralis for $10 and get a second one for half price ($5)!  Use code SHINY.

7 thoughts on “Lux Spectralis Sold Out

  1. Hi,
    I purchased 4 of these (Lux Spectralis) and they are all missing the Q2 transistor & 1 – 1k resistor.
    What happened & can you send those to me?

  2. Those components were intentionally omitted. They are not used in the circuit, and the Lux Spectralis works just fine without them.

    See the “Important Notes:” on the bottom of page 2 of the assembly instructions for more information.

  3. Kewl you should come up with that. Eexlcelnt!

  4. Not A Comment.

    Do you Have a part # for the YGB LED or are they carried in your stock. Due to my ineptitude I need a new one.

    Thank You


  5. Barrie,

    Don’t beat yourself up. We all make mistakes. Two days ago I deleted 6 years worth of emails. Oh, well.

    Email your snail-mail address to “dale” at “dalewheat” dot “com” and I’ll mail you another one.


  6. Is this new simple version now available for sale?

  7. Not yet. I’ve got a preliminary design completed but I still need to update the assembly instructions and actually have the PCBs manufactured. This could be a while.

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